Brett Lidbury on

"Dynamic website with uplifting interviews, highly recommended"

Last November, Professor Brett Lidbury from the Australian National University in Canberra attended the international conference on TPI in the Netherlands. That day he was also in front of the camera of the brand new How does he look back at the conference and his "media appearance"? "I get positive reactions from colleagues on this video. Everyone is very impressed with this Dutch initiative!"

Lidbury would definitely recommend ‘Yes, absolutely! It’s a very dynamic cloud TV channel, with uplifting interviews. And I sent the link to “Human Research Australia” (HRA). Everyone is very impressed with this Dutch initiative. My only criticism is the navigation. Some links are a bit difficult to find.’


Lidbury is also very satisfied with the conference which was held in November 2019. "I felt the conference got off to a slow start, but ended well. I learnt much on how seriously the Netherlands takes the challenge to strive for animal-free innovation. I also noticed the number of spin-off companies in the relevant disciplines of animal replacement during the conference. My primary criticisms: there was too much focus on the "3Rs in toxicology" and no significant focus on funding strategies. "


Lidbury is currently working at home because of the coronavirus COVID-19. "Research and infrastructure have been delayed to allow for changes in work and support such as online meetings and working from home’, he said.