Video impression Pioneer2Policymaker Conference ‘Business Opportunities’

Damiën van Berlo from U-AIM (Utrecht Advanced In vitro Models hub) organized in November 2019 the session on business development opportunities during the pioneer2policymaker conference “Accelerating the transition towards animal-free innovations”. Watch the impression of this key issue.

In the last decade, major steps have been taken to advance the in vitro field towards more human-relevant models: breakthrough technologies include organoids and organ-on-chips. The session zoomed in on four promising models: intestinal/airway organoids (Jeffrey Beekman, UMC Utrecht). The second one was bio-printed liver (Bart Spee, Utrecht University). Third: the Polycystic Kidney Disease array Bange, and fourth: precision-cut tissue slices (Mitchel Ruigrok, Medical Innovation Xccelerator, start-up from Groningen). After these models were pitched, session participants discussed how to further develop these models so that they might fulfill their potential: to improve testing of chemical and pharmaceutical compounds and replace current animal tests that are often known to be poorly predictive for effects in humans. As promising as these technologies are, there still exists a developmental gap between an early concept and a mature, fully validated model ready to be implemented. This so-called valley of death needs to be bridged.

For more information and facts and figures about the pioneer2policymaker conference, you can download the factsheet.

Business Opportunities