tekening transitie

Why the TPI wants to do so

Animal studies have yielded immense benefits in terms of knowledge and applications for health and safety. For many years, they were the best and most logical choice for certain types of research – but now the world is changing.

Different and better

When it comes to science and technology, we are learning and discovering more and more. This development may lead to fully fledged alternatives for animal studies, with the aim of advancing scientific knowledge. They may also save us time and money, since animal studies are expensive and there is no guarantee of a result.

Increasing the pace together

The TPI brings people and organisations together with the aim of accelerating the rate of innovation. Together, we are working on:

  • improved applicability and reliability for chemicals;
  • improved predictability and repeatability of scientific research;
  • better treatment methods and efficacy of medicines;
  • better and more accessible research information;
  • applications for promising technologies;
  • solutions to problems within the chain;
  • a platform for social debate.