What TPI does and supports

The Transition Programme for animal-free Innovations (TPI) is aimed at increasing the pace of animal-free innovation through temporary, flexible networks and projects.

The TPI is supported by partners in the public and private sectors and civil society organisations. Its mission is to stimulate innovation aimed at creating a system with methods and tests that enable better predictions regarding the efficacy and safety of medicinal products and substances, thus reducing the need for animal procedures.

The temporary innovation networks and long-term projects currently in operation cover a very wide spectrum. Each innovation network is supervised by its own transition expert. These networks enable front runners and interested parties within the chain to meet and explore opportunities for promoting the development and acceptance of methods that are free of animal testing. Focusing on the content, process and/or system, they help to give further substance to experimental ideas in the many domains of animal-free innovation.  More and more partner initiatives are joining this trend and are receiving support from the TPI in terms of financial or communication resources.