TPI innovation network: information portal about animal-free innovation

How easy is it for researchers, backers and others to find information on animal-free research or negative outcomes of animal studies? How can we exchange knowledge about these topics more efficiently in order to achieve meaningful results more quickly and avoid duplicate research?

The objective of this TPI innovation network is to investigate what use an information portal would have and how it would work. Its ultimate aim is for animal-free approaches and methodologies to become widespread in both the Netherlands and abroad.

This network is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Working conference on information portal about animal-free innovation

An adequate exchange of data can speed up the implementation of innovative research and prevent duplicate research leading to negative outcomes.

To this end, a working conference on an information portal for animal-free innovation was organised in Utrecht on 14 December. A mixed crowd of more than 40 delegates learned how data, information and knowledge could be accessed through a link to a cloud TV channel. Could this be turned into an inspirational, safe and manageable platform?

Two chains

The delegates exchanged views based on self-made video footage. It transpired that an information portal offering an innovation exchange was particularly relevant to two chains:

  • a horizontal chain of various scientific research areas;
  • a vertical research chain leading from assessors and regulators to market players.


Over the next three months, RIVM will be elaborating the questions asked and insights shared during this working conference. In early 2019, a representative group of stakeholders will be commencing a trial involving the portal's contents, shape, virtual shop window and editorial aspects. They will then exchange views on the outcomes with other interested parties.

How to contribute

If you have data, knowledge or information to display in the virtual shop window, or if you would like to be involved in the early editorial stages, please contact the TPI desk: