Business Cases


In general, the path from a scientific biomedical research finding to implementation in health, cure or safety practice is long, expensive and uncertain. Visualizing this path and articulating a potential business case can help assess the impact opportunities and risks in an early stage. We want to look specifically into business case for animal free innovative research practices.

Organizing questions:

How strong is the business case of your innovative animal free research method? What potential impact will it have on health and safety? How will it impact animal testing? How strong is the scientific reproducibility? What does it need to be further developed? Can new policies help?

This session includes:

Presentation: Promising new innovative practices

Workshop: Co-creating the business case together.

Reflection: How can policies accelerate the realisation of promising new developments?

=> Let us know if you are willing to explore the business case of your innovative research practice. Or if you want to join the panel commenting on the results of the workshop. Send us a email: