Business Opportunities


Academic biomedical research and drug discovery research (CROs, in-house labs of companies) are major delivery rooms for innovative animal-free test methods. These in vitro methods can enable major leaps in both effectivity and efficiency in the uncertain and expensive drug development process and have the potential to improve quality and cost-effectiveness of chemical/food product safety testing. Identification of business opportunities can justify the investment needed to advance the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of in vitro methods so that they can be implemented for regulatory safety and efficacy testing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products/nutraceuticals.

Organizing questions:

Which high potential innovative animal-free test methods can we identify? What would be needed to advance their TRL? What are the biggest business opportunities? Assuming the regulatory bodies* accept the new method, what Return-On-Investment is acceptable for an investor?

*parallel to this session a dialogue on this issue is taking place with regulators. In this session we want to focus on the business aspects.

This session includes:

Round table exploring business opportunities with pioneering scientists, business developers and representatives from CROs, food, pharma and chemical businesses and SME/start ups.

Co-creating and ranking long list of business opportunities.

How can policymakers create a favourable climate for investment to make innovative animal free methods operational and available?

Host: Damien van Berlo (Utrecht University)
Moderator: Mister Lion

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