Daring to Pioneer


Animals see movement, we see transitions. We look for radical shifts in ways of doing, organizing and thinking in health and safety research practices. It takes courage and determination to pioneer and explore the boundaries between the possible and the impossible in animal free innovative research practices. Transition management can help us make less usual innovative practices more usual.

Organizing question

What pioneering practice do you want to share? What boundaries are you exploring? And how is this practice shifting the ways of doing, organizing and thinking in your country?

This session includes

  • Looking for movement in legislation with Wim van Meurs. 
  • Dozen pitches from pioneers from each country present at the conference: David Chau (UK), Tony Kiuru (Finland), Brett Lidbury (Australia), Kirsten Baken (Belgium), Charlotte Blattner (USA), Pandora Pound (UK), Ingeborg Kooter (NL),Coenraad Hendriksen (NL), and maybe you?
  • Applying transition management to think along with these pioneers on how their pioneering practice is breaking into the dominant practice in their country.
  • Comparing dominant and pioneering practices in our different countries.


What do our countries have in common, what is different… and what are promising developments?


Pepik Henneman, Jan de Dood, Jantine Wijnja (Mister Lion)