Exploring Impact


Reduce, Refine and Replace are succesfull policy concepts to address animal testing. With the Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals we add a policy level to facilitate and accelerate change.

Organizing questions:

What international policies do we need to accelerate the transition to animal free testing? How can governments, funding agencies and institutions create an environment in which innovative animal-free research can prosper? How can policies further stimulate innovative animal research? How can new policies consolidate animal free research practices that lead to better science, health and safety? What role can institutes play in supporting researchers and how can governments help?

This session includes

Presentation: Examples of impact of policies in different sectors and countries Keynote on EU-policy.


Where do governments, funding agencies, institutions and individuals need to take ownership to create impact?

Let us know if you are willing to present examples of policies and their impact. Send a email: tpi@minlnv.nl