Introduction TPI


With its Transition Program for Innovative animal-free research (TPI) The Netherlands has the ambition to accelerate the transition towards innovative animal-free research. This ambition by the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is shared by a wide range of partners from industry, policy, academics and NGO’s. TPI brings professionals and other stakeholders from different sectors and fields together. It will identify drivers, connects parties and promotes ideas and concepts. Through an international and multidisciplinary approach, researchers, funding bodies, regulators and other stakeholders are encouraged to push their boundaries.

Organizing question:

What is TPI? How did it start? Where is it now? What are transitions? How did it get political and institutional back up? How is it affecting animal-free innovation in practice?

This session includes
 Keynotes: Christine Mummery
Delegate Dutch Gouvernement
 Lecture:  Introduction to Transition   management
 Testimonials: Dutch policymakers and pioneers in the field of the TPI program.
 Reflection: Why does the TPI program work?

Save the Date International TPI Conference, 28-29 November, 2019