Registration, Format & Info

Practical Information

Time Table

Start:  Wednesday, 27th November, 2019 18:00 hrs.
End:  Friday, 29th November, 2019 12:00 hrs.
Hotel:  NH Hotel, Jaarbeursplein 24, Utrecht.
Conference:  Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht.

 *We encourage participants to attend the entire conference as the programme is designed to build up towards a joined follow up.

Main objective:

Accelerate the transition towards annimal-free innovations and implementation through innovative policies and co-creation.


Biomedical research, toxicology, validation, regulation funding, valorisation, translation, human measurement model, innovation, business case, cure, care, efficacy, safety, acceleration, transition, animal free, open science, better science.


150 international scientists, entrepreneurs, research funders, NGO’s, regulators and policymakers daring to pioneer with innovative animal-free research.


This conference applies a creative and interactive format. We are building up the conference towards a joined follow up. We start the Pioneer-2-Policymaker conference by sharing our innovative practices and policies. We introduce you to the Dutch TPI programme and we ask you to share innovative policies and practices from your country. We reflect and explore in more depth through dialogue with regulators, by building business cases for innovative practices and through the reviewing of high impact regulation and policies. During energizing brainstorm sessions we allow our imagination to explore new possibilities. We conclude with our next steps towards new joined collaborations and new joined statements to be presented during the WC11!  

See the format and Flow infografic.

 November 27th 18.00 – 21.00 hrs. Introduction of TPI
Interactive session with TPI pioneers.
November 28th 9.00 - 21.00 hrs.

 Daring to pioneer Interactive session:
Innovative practices and policies in each country
Parallel session: Experience a lesson on animal-free innovation

Keynote speakers: Christine Mummery, Professor Developmental Biology
Adrian Roth, Global Head Investigative Safety

Testimonials from practices and open dialogue

Organizing trust and confidence in emerging in vitro and in silico tools.
Business opportunities to leverage replacement of expensive and low predictive animal tests by more effective animal-free test methods.
Exploring impact of policy making when governments, funding agencies, institutions and individuals take ownership.

Interview with Carola Schouten, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Exploring Future Policy & Practice
Interactive session: Imagine the future Capitalise on our shared understanding! Let’s imagine and visualise how we can accelerate the transition towards animal-free research together.

November 29th 9.00 – 12.00 hrs.

Moving Towards World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use (WC11)
Open space session: Commit to follow up.
* What new collaborations are emerging?
* What joined statements could we make during the WC11?
* What is our next step towards WC11, August 2020 in Maastricht?


Please help us to create a safe space where we invite each other to be open to each other's practices and to explore new practices. Please accept that whatever you hear in this conference was ONLY meant for you and your own practice. And that whatever you say in this conference you ONLY say on a personal capacity based on your own practice.

Do’s and don’t
Please do not talk on behalf of others - Please do talk with others. Please do not quote other participants on social media - Please do share ideas on social media. Please do not register the audio of the conference - Please do listen actively during the conference.

Video and photo and book of ideas
We will make a mini-documentary and a book of ideas available to you after the conference. We will try to capture the flow and the ideas emerging during the conference. For this we will register images through photo and video without audio. We will only make audio recording in personal interviews after your explicit consent. For the book of idea you can help us capture and anonymise the main insight on the current practices and the ideas for possible new practices.


The invitation includes hotel stay for two nights and transfer from airport to venue free of charge.


Please click on this link and register. 

Contact points: For more information about the program you can contact Ngoc Berris (projectmanager International Cooperation) T: +31 6-83718235 or @:

For more information about the logistics you can contact Liesbeth Laarhoven (Eventplanner International Event) T:+31625683475 or @

The organization reserves the right to ensure a balanced composition of participants at the conference in its invitation policy. We aim for half national and half international attendees and a good spread between pioneering scientists, entrepreneurs, research funders, regulators, and policymakers.